The beautiful surface meets the ugly depth

"On the morning's clear and calm surface,
calmness and harmony are reflected
Then the force of the wind increases and the storms of life cause the surface to crack
and we can see deeper and
sense the bottom
In the end"

I am disapointed by all the destruction in the environment around us. Perhaps most disappointed that we close our eyes and live in a bubble so as not to be reminded of the ugly truth. Maybe it’s our way of survival. Stay in Friday coziness, and collect things, quick pleasures and false security. I don’t want to scream, instead I paint the beautiful surface that meets the dark depth. I hope the surface breaks and the wind turns. I believe that everyone can do something, every step counts.

I usually start from landscapes, or small details around me. I observe the colors and the light and then try to penetrate into the depths of my inner landscapes. My goal is to show the beauty in everyday life, but not only the superficial but also deeper questions and thoughts.

I want to unify, simplify and stylize, paint large surfaces that embrace, at the same time I want to break up and express small beautiful details and show the diversity of life.