Love instead of shame

"I hate that you feel that you don't fit in. 
I'm so sorry that you feel lonely or outside just because you don't meet the norm.  
I want to hug you with colors and light, surround you on all sides, 
paint for all your senses and comfort you." 

I want to make the invisibility visible, I want to highlight all the beauty of all the misunderstood, all unseen and outside the norm. ‘

Since most causes of discrimination are within ourselves, I work with the body, physicality, what we show on the outside and what we carry inside. The body is the only thing we have, after all. All thoughts, feelings, scars and traces. The body is me.

I want to peel off all external attributes, all arrogance, all grades, certificates, resumes and titles. I want to show what I think is important, at the core, with my paintings, but it feels like all the shells are obscuring the view.