Hope rather than despair

"Every day I think about death and life. Everyday we make decitions. 
We walk through life aware of that the death is a part of it , that can feel heavy. 
Despite this, the cyclical flow of time gives hope that time goes around and around, 
and even from the seed of the dead flower, new life begins to sprout."

Time is just like art, abstract, but still its traces are visible around us and in us, in nature, in the body and in the soul. Time is a scientific, mathematical concept, but nevertheless an existential question. Does time have a beginning and an end? Is time linear? Does it flow around us or we in it? In much we see and experience, time is cyclical and returns again and again, this brings comfort and hope. At the same time, time can feel like a road, linear, with a constant change between then, now and later.

The paintings in the theme of time are organic and partly have their starting point in plants, but also in the human body and in playful similarities between these. They reflect the passage of time and how it is seen in living reality.